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” Fear is the only obstacle between you and your happiness “

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Our age qualities

Personal qualities for our age: Every age has his own personal qualities that will help whoever has them to live more smoothly and happily. In the next few lines, we will discuss some of our age personal qualities. Patience : In the modern world speed became a trend...

About Ali

Ali Zakaria finished his studies in the French section of the faculty of law in 2007. He is a judge since 2009 but he has been following his passion into self-help and spirituality since 2005. He is a certified NLP practitioner by the international federation of coaching and NLP and certified Time Line therapy practitioner by the Time Line therapy association; he attended numerous seminars and workshops online and offline on coaching, spirituality, inspiration, and business. His passion took him from a shy anxious thin guy to a fit, self aware, determined man. He achieved this level of awareness by consuming a lot of knowledge, writing, and monitoring and analyzing his actions.

He does one-on-one coaching sessions helping his clients be more self aware and recognizes the patterns of their lives that are disempowering them and help them to develop empowering patterns. Being certified as a Neuro Linguistic programming practitioner and passionate about spirituality made his coaching experience very unique by helping his clients become more whole and aligned.

 He is also the founder of A Space to Be; it is an initiative which organizes workshops, group discussions, and retreats to help people find out who they really are.

What they are saying about Ali? 

As a coach, Ali is quite knowledgeable and has understanding on what motivates people and how to guide and help them grow on their own speed.
Sarah Mohamed

Mother , Engineer & Dreamer , Canada

Was great talking to Ali, we exchanged some great ideas. Amazing value and insights provided by him Looking forward to his upcoming book!
Rohan Shah

CEO Of SM Satori, Canada

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