Personal qualities for our age:

Every age has his own personal qualities that will help whoever has them to live more smoothly and happily. In the next few lines, we will discuss some of our age personal qualities.

Patience :

In the modern world speed became a trend in every aspect of our lives, we have a method to make everything faster, and we are always searching for ways to accelerate everything. For example, how frustrated we become when we deal with slow internet or the 5 seconds Ad on YouTube’s video. This is only to remind us how impatient we become. Consequently, when we are pursuing our goals or starting a relationship we give up very soon as we used to have things quickly. We have to develop patience again as no one nowadays is promoting patience. Patience is a skill that we can develop but we have to be patient developing it. We can develop patience by seeing and surround ourselves with people who achieved the same dreams that we want to achieve so we can have a reasonable measure of the time it takes to be achieved. Second, we can develop it by being present in the things we do and not living in the future attached to the final outcome.



The effort became an underrated quality in our modern world as we also make everything come to us effortlessly from ordering the food to having a taxi or even dating but if we want to achieve something really significant we have to put a lot of effort into it neglecting the easiness and comfort that we used to.

Not comparing ourselves to others:

This skill is demanded in every age but especially in our modern world where everybody is connected and everybody is posting the daily routines of their lives on social, we get caught in the comparison of ourselves to others from our friends and relatives to social media influencers to celebrities. We forget that everybody has his own path and people only post and share the highlights of their lives and that everybody is having his own unique troubles and problems.



How many jobs or business opportunities did you see in the past week it might be the same amount that our great grandfathers had seen in their entire lives. We are experiencing a new kind of fear nowadays the fear of missing out, it means that every day we see new jobs or trends in businesses that are doing so good but we could not act on every opportunity that we face because we will end up not accomplishing anything. My advice is to know what you really want to do and narrow your focus on it until it is done because starting so many things will not allow us to finish anything.

Learn marketing:

The amount of advertisements that one person is exposed to nowadays is equal to the number of advertisements that one person could be exposed to in his whole life fifty years ago. They are everywhere on the internet, TV, billboards, and radio.

You should not be working in the marketing field right now to learn marketing because they can manipulate you and make you think that you need something that you don’t really need. Did you know that 88% of psychiatrists are working with advertising agencies? In order to save your money and in the same time not feeling that you miss something you really need, we might have to have general knowledge about marketing and advertising.