We provide a variety of services for individuals and corporates that lead to higher performance and fulfillment.

30 Day Challenge

How does it work? We have two sessions together, where I explain the challenge and its concepts, then we go through the questionnaire which will help me develop a special challenge for you, then we have an ongoing support throughout the challenge to support you and even adjust the challenge if we have to until we successfully finish the challenge. After finishing the challenge you will have built a new habits and you will have the confidence, tools, and techniques that will help you develop other habits if you want to.


We provide a variety of workshops to individuals and corporate:

  • Holistic happiness
  • Live consciously (introduction into meditation)
  • Being (how to be yourself)
  • Happiness at work.

Self awareness coaching

You will be fulfilled with your present, more optimistic about your future, and more at peace with your past. This is what I promise you. We will achieve this through deep conversations, questioning, analyzing, meditating, and assessments. Self-awareness made a huge impact on my life as well as all my clients. Being self-aware makes you see your life more logically. It gives you a deep perspective of any situations by isolating yourself emotionally from the situation to see it more clearly.

Was great talking to Ali, we exchanged some great ideas. Amazing value and insights provided by him. Looking forward to his upcoming book!

Rohan Shah, CEO at Satori

As a coach, Ali is quite knoweldgeable and has understanding on what motivates people and how to guide and help them grow on their own speed.

Sarah Mohamed, Commercial Advisor at BP

” Make sure that your goals are yours not other people’s goals.”

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